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Embroidery Digitizing fee

Embroidery Digitizing fee

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When custom making an embroidery design like a logo or custom graphic into an embroidery design, digitizing is required.

What is digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is converting an image (JEPG, PNG GIF, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR) into programed stitches that can then be machine embroidered.

Good quality digitizing is important for many reasons such as pricing, look and garment compatibility. Although a good digitizer can make some very talented designs, not all graphics are recommended to be embroidered

I just need (brought in item) embroidered with a name, do I need to digitize the name?

When its just simple lettering such as a name with any of the fonts we have, there is no need for this digitizing fee.

What type of design is a good candidate for embroidery? 

  • Vectors
  • JEPG, PNG (72dpi or higher)
  • Images with clear and refined edges no more of 8 colors

Not recommended for embroidery

  • Pictures
  • Faces
  • Colorful gradients (exceptions apply)
  • Intricate linings or very poor resolution images 

If there's any doubts if your design is suitable for embroidery you can email us at

 Will I be receiving a physical product?

No, this is basically a set up fee for new designs. Once digitized we will know how much time and how many stitches a job will have and allow us to give you an accurate quote for future jobs. This is only necessary once for new designs.  You can ask for your embroidery digitized file and it would be sent via email but only specialized software can read these types of files (EMB) so it wont be visible on mobile devices, or on software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Corel. This would not be something you can use for prints, websites, or social media postings.

Do I need to pay this fee for future jobs once payed?

No, we keep the designs on file and you don't need to pay this fee again unless you want a different graphic or major size change.

How long will you hold on to the file?

As long as we stay open :) We still have files from customers 9 years ago when we first started. 

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