We have different techniques for our embroidery services to be able to offer you the best quality work. Here are the different styles we use and if you have any questions we are always available to answer your embroidery questions. We do not have minimums and our turn around time is depending on our queue for that week. Generally we are able to have items ready a few days later.



(Applique styled first birthday shirt with a donut) 

Compared to Regular Embroidery:

  • Much quicker
  • More light-weight
  • Better for designs with large surface areas
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Allows us to add textures with different fabrics and glitters

Fill Stitch Embroidery

  • Completely filled in with stitches
  • Design must be sent out to be digitalized and recreated for embroidery
  • These files are manually created to ensure good aesthetics, an efficient process, and great quality.